for every child and family to have a relationship with Jesus Christ


for each child to receive a good start with a quality education


to grow healthy with good nutrition and health care


for the parents to care and provide for their families


that the children will continue through primary and secondary schools


that they will grow into people that will serve their community and country

The Story

of Huruma HOPE

Since 2005 small teams have traveled yearly to serve the little HOPE Huruma School in the Mji wa Huruma slum. As each group arrived in Huruma they have been struck by the level of impoverishment the community suffers, especially the children who are constantly at risk due to lack of basic needs.

We began in 2006 with providing funds for the children to receive a balanced lunch each day knowing this would be the only nutritionally complete meal many of them would have that day. We also paid the salary for an Administrator, 5 teachers and 2 cooks. As we raised extra funds, we would provide classroom and student supplies along with a complete uniform for each child at the beginning of the year. We started to realize that some of the children needed help with ongoing health needs and found donors to help those children.

After a team of seven returned home in September 2014, they began the process of bringing HOPE International, Inc. to its current status as a 501(c)(3) entity. The commitment of Huruma HOPE is to increase aid and educational opportunities to children and break the generational cycle of sickness and poverty that has plagued this community for many years. It is our hope that others will follow in our decision to support this ministry and help children in Africa rise above their circumstances through education and faith in Jesus Christ.

News & Updates

From The Huruma HOPE Team

  • Aug082018

    Last Day

    As this last post is about to be published, Team 2 is about to depart for the airport for their…

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  • Aug072018

    The School Shining from the Hilltop

    Today, Tuesday, was the team’s last full day with lots going on with siding, trusses and windows.  The teamwork was…

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  • Aug062018

    HOPE Huruma School rising up

    On 26 July there was a meeting with the HNS School Board.  The had registered the school with the government…

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