Jambo – December 2015

Jambo – December 2015
December 9, 2015 The HOPE Team
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We send our heartfelt “Thank you” to each of you for your continued support of the students at the Huruma Nursery School. Without your support and prayers these children would not have had the continued gift of three teachers to educate them, a cook to prepare two nutritious meals each day, or to have uniforms and classroom supplies provided. Again, ASANTE SANA!!!

There is no way that we can share with you all that God has done to bless this ministry by establishing our new non-profit “Huruma HOPE”. We started discussing forming a non-profit a few years ago, but it was not till September 2014 that we finally put feet to the process, and with God’s leading we were granted our 501(c)(3) in February 2015. Officially we are HOPE, International with our ABA being “Huruma HOPE”.



Our Pre-Unit students “graduated” from the Nursery School on November 27 with all the fanfare offered a college student. Our friends at Karura Community Chapel put together a program for the children, complete with robes and awards. They provided a snack and music led by Joseph and Micah, who have been doing a Friday morning Bible program with them. The parents were overwhelmed with joy and pride. Karura Community Chapel and HNS staff showed each student the love and pride we have in each child with the ceremony to encourage them in the importance of education. These students will start their primary education on January 5, 2016 at Cheleta Primary and each will receive a new Cheleta uniform as a gift from Huruma HOPE.

Children's HOME

Since the beginnings of the Huruma ministry there has been a dream to start a Children’s Home for the many children that have lost parents or neglected and abused. That same dream was in the heart of our Coordinator Hellen Wairimu. This past year there have been a couple of incidents that made us all realize that the need was now and God has lead Hellen and HOPE to begin the realization of that need and dream.

This past November we were informed of one our students who had missed 2 weeks of school. Upon investigation by his teacher, Rachel, she found him and his 3 year old sister left alone and near death from malnutrition. The two children were rushed to the hospital and are now recovering. The parents are both alcoholics and were gone leaving the children uncared for. Things are always a bit complicated in Kenya when trying to rescue children, but Hellen was able to get permission from the parents and now the two children along with their 3 older siblings are living with Hellen along with her 3 children and ailing mother.

HOPE is moving quickly to help Hellen find a larger house that will accommodate all the children and hopefully up to 10 children that need care. We will be financing the cost for food, clothing and shelter along with school fees, uniforms and medical needs. Pray with us that all the details come together to get licensing and that the right house and location are found quickly.

Secondary School Sponsorships

We are excited to announce that through special donations that we are now able to offer five full high school scholarships. Many of the children who are able to make it through 8th grade are not able to continue on to Secondary School (grades 9-12) because of the cost. When a family has to choose education or food the student drops out and becomes a statistic that leads to drugs, alcohol and early pregnancy. The five students were chosen by the HOPE board from among applicants who had submitted school or community recommendations and essays detailing their goals and character.  The total cost for one year of $700 covers tuition, room and board, school fees, uniforms, and supplies. Upon receiving good reports and reapplying each year the five students will be able to complete 4 years of high school. If you would like to be part of providing scholarships you can go to our website (click on Support) or contact Sally Gradin or Heather Hagner who oversee scholarships.