Raining Tears

Raining Tears
December 9, 2015 The HOPE Team
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We woke up this morning to pouring rain. They kept telling us it was the rainy season, but this was our first day with rain. We were all about 2″-3” taller by the time we walked down to the school with all the mud on our shoes. By the afternoon we were needing our sunglasses.

This morning we decided to give Fridah (our cook & housekeeper) the gifts we had for her, and she was overwhelmed. She is such a sweet gal and squealed each time she took one more item out of the bag. We just wanted her to know she was appreciated and loved.

Good Morning! Thank you for coming, welcome to our school. Our little Huruma graduates.

We started out a bit late so we arrived at the Cheleta Primary School about 10:00 am rather than the planned 9:00 am.

The first class we visited was Standard 1, where we were able to gather all our students from the Huruma Pre-Unit class from the year before. There were 55 kids in that Standard 1 class. We also went to visit the combined Standard 8 classes. We were asked to introduce ourselves and encourage the kids to stay in school. Erin shared some of her school experience and how important it is to stay in class. Afterwards we all walked back down to Huruma to the Nursery School. We got to experience the long walk these kids have each day.

Erin and Arlene went back to finishing up organizing the storage room, Cindy and Julie played with the kids, Walt got busy installing the brand new pencil sharpeners that had been “lost” in the storage room and finished the roof. Suzan was asked a million questions and had her head spinning while Monica had her hair transformed into a beautiful work of art that still amazes all of us. Do you like the color purple?

Do you like the color purple?

Peek-a-boo! Where's Monica?

We gave each of the teachers, Lemi and Nyambeki gifts we had made for them and again they were so thrilled to have us appreciate them. Suzan had taken a picture of each child so that their supporters will have an updated photo, but I think between all of us there will be several pictures for everyone to have. It was so hard to pull ourselves away from each little one wanting their last hug and kiss.

Everyone was really happy to get their box of goodies all though Rachel isn't smiling. She's probably worn out from just feeding lunch to 20 kids.

We made a supporter board for the classroom so that all the kids and parents could see those that are supporting the school. We found an old broken bulletin board and just painted the frame, added some paper and the pictures. The kids and teachers wanted to know who each person was. We pointed out each person and told them that they were being prayed for by each family way faraway in the US.

Walt went back about 4:00pm to meet with seven young men and shared his testimony and gave each one of them a Bible. After he finished he offered them an opportunity to accept Christ as their Savior. Chris (Peter’s brother) said that it was a powerful testimony. We don’t know the result, but God has allowed Walt to plant the seed of hope.

Walt was a Kid Magnet and they knew he really loved them. He was called Babu - Grandpa


Tonight we sat around the table and shared our time here. It is so hard for some to speak what God has revealed to each of us. It will take weeks to understand what we’ve seen and felt over these last two weeks. We do know that God walked these little alleys with us, touched the little hands with His hands and looked into the eyes of the children He loves.

We land in Portland around 1:40 July 3rd. – Have a Happy July 4th – we will be sleeping.