Jambo – April 2016

Jambo – April 2016
April 12, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Suzan Bellis and Monica Grenz just returned from a visit to Huruma in early March.  Their visit there included several meetings with our partner church, Karura Community Chapel along with the Huruma School and Parents Committees.  These meetings enabled us to open more doors for communication and partnering so that we could all be on the same track to improve the school’s performance and upgrade the facilities.

gallery-huruma-nursery-school-069One of the most exciting things we saw was the improvement in the children’s health. Since the implementation of adding “Nutri porridge” to our regular morning porridge we are seeing less runny noses and the some of the children’s hair is growing in.  Eggs have been added with the porridge on Monday and Thursdays along with in season fruit with the daily nutritious lunches.  What we are seeing is healthier kids with lots of smiles.  The children now eat lunch in their classroom rather than running around outside while eating.  Because of the improvement in the children’s health we at HOPE have opted to continue the Nutri Porridge for the children even when they are on break in school during April, August and December.

One of the big issues that we needed to work with was the beginning of getting plans in place for reconstructing the main classroom building.  Presently, the building has two classrooms with a divider wall that can be opened for large meetings that is in much need of more ventilation and light.   Our hope and plan is to take down the building and reuse some of the materials to rebuild and add a 2nd floor so that we can have 4 usable classrooms.  The smaller building houses a small office and the Pre-unit classroom which is very crowded.  With the reconstruction we can put all the classes into the one building and add a Standard One class in 2017.  This is a giant leap of faith, but we are convinced that God has a plan for this school to grow not only physically but spiritually and have an impact on the community to show His Love.


This is the large building we will reconstruct and add 2nd floor to hold 4 classrooms

North Albany Community Church had a fundraiser on April 17th for the construction costs and help for the Construction team that will be going in August 2016.  Through food donations, dessert & silent auction $3,783.50 was raised PLUS the cost of a case of Children’s Bibles and more. The team of 5 men (Joel Hagner, Paul Moreland, Thom Turner, Tommy Baker and Mike Allen) will work with the community parents to reconstruct the large building in TWO weeks. It’s a big dream and plan, but we have an even bigger God that makes all things possible.

Talking of dreams – our first 4 secondary students just finished their first term through scholarships provided by HOPE donors.  We also have taken the first step in starting a Children’s Home.  Hellen Wairimu took in 3 siblings after Christmas and they are thriving under her care.  There is so much more to share and will save that story for the next newsletter.

                                                                    Story of Bakayo

We first got a picture of a little girl naed Bakayo in February as part of the Baby Class.  Looking at the picture she looked too old for the class.  When Monica and I got to the school in March we found that Bakayo was actually in the Pre-Unit Class.  She will be 7 in June.

I asked about her family and I was shown her birth certificate with her parent’s names listed.   The 3 teachers sat down with me and quietly told me that both parents had died and that she was an orphan.  Trying to find out more I asked how they died.  The answer: “POVERTY”.  There were 5 children in the family and 2 of the children also died from the same ailment.  How do you die of poverty?  You don’t have a job to buy food, you don’t have the few schillings to go to the hospital or get medication and you don’t have anyone to help.  Slowly, the family was lost to the disease of poverty with only 3 children remaining.  An uncle was found in Huruma.  He took in the three children and sent little Bakayo to the Huruma Nursery School.  I did not get an answer as to how the other two children were doing.

We are thankful that Bakayo is now at Huruma Nursery School receiving two good nutritious meals each day, but most importantly she is surrounded by teachers that are showing her God’s love through their love and concern for her.

Her sponsors are Ron and Sally Pickett.  We are so thankful for our Huruma HOPE Sponsors and their faithfulness to help HOPE care for these little ones that God loves

We still have 14 Children needing sponsors.  Please go to “Sponsor” page and select a student that needs YOUR support and prayers.


HOPE Sponsor Appreciation Dessert – Wednesday, June 15 – 6:45 at NACC Foyer


Peter 2IMG_2122

Hellen Wairimu and Peter Wanjiku who coordinate HOPE’s ministry in Kenya will be in Oregon during the month of June. Both will participate in NACC’s VBS program and will be special speakers for our HOPE Appreciation Dessert on June 15 and the NACC Worship Service on JUNE 26.