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  • Aug242016

    Exciting…with more to come

    Wednesday, 24 August…..The team is safely home arriving at PDX on Tuesday afternoon. When our team left they put the…

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  • Aug222016

    Coming Home!

    Today (Monday) about 2:00 pm Oregon time the guys will be taking off from Kenyatta International Airport – Nairobi, Kenya.  They…

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  • Aug212016


    August 19 – Day 14 Today was a day of reflection.  We spent much of our time discussing what we could…

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  • Aug202016


    August 18 Day 13 Today was a wonderful day on the Huruma site!  There was a lot of celebration in…

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  • Aug192016

    Jesus Loves the Little Children….and big ones

    Just a few pictures of the kids that surrounded the school compound during the construction.

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  • Aug182016

    The Metal Siding is Here! Finally!

    August 18 Glad that sheet metal arrived after 3pm today.  Anyway it started to go up & should be completed…

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  • Aug172016


    August 17  Day 12 Today we realized we were not going to finish the building before having to leave. The…

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  • Aug162016

    Jumping Rope

    August 16  Day 11 Most mission trips have their ups and downs.  Today we experienced both.  We waited for some…

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  • Aug162016


    August 15 Day 10 One of the things about staying at Heart Lodge, in addition to being fed well and…

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  • Aug142016

    Paul’s Perspective

    Two items come to mind about Africa. First is helping to feed the children. Here that are laughing, playing, squabbling,…

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