2016 Construction Team Ready to Serve

2016 Construction Team Ready to Serve
August 2, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Our 2016 Huruma HOPE Construction Team – Aug. 6 to Aug. 23

Pastor Thom Turner, Paul Moreland, Tommy Baker and Joel Hagner

Please be in prayer for our team of men as they minister to the people of the Huruma Village. Also be in prayer for good health, traveling and have peace that their families will be cared for while they are gone.

Before the men arrive on August 6, a volunteer group of parents will take down the existing main building. Once on site the team and volunteer crew will the re-build the first floor with new lumber and siding. The plan is to add a 2nd floor for two additional classrooms. The new construction will provide much needed windows to provide ventilation and light and a clean environment for the children & teachers to enhance their learning experience. God has been good to provide for this team and the materials needed.

Please continue to be in prayer for their time there as they work side by side with fathers, brothers, grandfathers and friends of our students. This team is not just going to build a building, but to lay foundations for those they work with side by side to come to know about who Jesus is and His love for them.