Karura Church

Karura Church
August 8, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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August 7 –  Day 2

Awakened by the singing of a number of people here at the compound we are staying in.  It seems to be coming from their morning devotional time together.  Not a bad alarm clock on your first day in Kenya.  The staff here is very accommodating to our needs, knowing we will be gone on long days of physical labor.

On our team we have four men who will oversee and participate in the building of a new preschool building that is so badly needed here in Huruma, Kenya.  This place is what is commonly called a “slum”.  That is no reflection on the people who live here and I think it is an unfair description.  No doubt it stinks, there are no services of any kind, the people are displaced in the economy, houses of tin with kids running unattended everywhere.  To the naked eye it looks like chaos.  Here, however, we find people of pure heart and love for God.  Their hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness.

Today, our first full day in country, I will spend with these people in worship. It is my honor to stand with them and praise God, to sing to our creator and author of our faith.  It might, in the eyes of some appear that we are doing them a favor by being here with our tools and our abilities, but this is the twist- it is they who favor us with their resilience and their constant thankfulness for a God who loves them and cares for them in their everyday lives.They are a wonderful example to us all.

After church we had a wonderful lunch with Hellen and Pastor Henry and others as we discussed our time here and the job we want to do.  In addition to building the school house we will be doing some home visitation of the families of children who attend the school.  Flexibility has to be the hallmark of anyone coming here soon mission.  So today we rest in the arms of God before we begin our project, we worship the God who knows what the future holds even if we are not completely informed in that area.

Psalm 91:4

Submitted by Pastor Thom Turner