Word of the Day – “FLEXIBILITY”

Word of the Day – “FLEXIBILITY”
August 8, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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August 8 – Day 3

As I post this it is after midnight in Nairobi and I am going to assume the men are finally in bed and trying to get some much needed sleep.  I did not receive Thom’s post, but will pass on short journal reports from Joel and Tommy along with Paul and Thom’s pictures.

The day did not start as “planned”.  Yes, that is part of that FLEXIBILTY that is so quickly learned once you step into another part of the world and realize that God has His plan.

From Joel:

The team arrived early to the school site to find the building down, but the materials had not been delivered as promised by 7:00 am.  While waiting, children came for morning porridge that is provided each morning by Huruma HOPE even when school is out.  For many of these children it is what keeps them going through the day.








From Tommy:

Yvonne's homeJoanne 2







While waiting on the delivery of the materials the group filled time by pulling nails from old wood.  Hellen took the group to visit the mother of one of our High School Scholarship Students, Yvonne.  Her mom, Joan, is now a single mom with no wages to bring in food.  Her husband died 7 years ago leaving her with 3 daughters to raise.  She suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes which gives her pain in her hips & legs while degrading her health and eye sight.  Please pray for her healing and hope for each day.

image4Finally the lumber arrived around 2:00pm.  Everyone unloaded the truck, sorted the materials into piles of each size and started SAWING.  Quickly, one wall was ready to be nailed together, but it was already 5:00 pm so we stopped as it is dark here at 5:30 pm.

The day started off slow and ended up being a really encouraging and productive day.  We were all impressed with the eager and talented help of the teenage boys.  They really stepped it up.

We will likely tilt the first wall by 9:00 am Tuesday.  Things should go quickly from there.

Pictures of the day












Please continue to be in prayer as each day will open the door to new relationships being built.

Some of the young men helping are:  David, Moses, James, Paul, Alex, Francis, Barak and others.  Pray that through the testimony of guys they will see God and know His love for them.