Day 3 Part 2 – LUMBER

Day 3 Part 2 – LUMBER
August 9, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Augusts 8 – Day 3 Continued

Today, after all the months of planning and praying, after the e-mails and final meetings with local pastors today we were going to build a preschool. At least we thought we would.  When we arrived at the Huruma preschool we were surprised to find no supplies, no lumber, a dirty foundation unready to receive our efforts and only a few workers willing to lend a hand.  In the course of a nine hour day, however, things changed dramatically.

We met Joseph who is the local “Fundi,” which means “foreman “or “supervisor”.  Joseph was brought in to help so that local workmen could be involved and become more aware of what Huruma HOPE is doing among the children and to the facility.  It is not right to take away work from the locals, so working with them is much better.  After meeting Joseph and establishing priorities we waited first for some cement to arrive and then for the wood to arrive.

image6In the meantime young men began to gather and we had a reasonable sized workforce and we put them to work stripping nails and screws from previously used lumber so that we might repurpose it in the construction. Tommy Baker was not only the nail pulling champion of the day but he got to visit a mother of one of the high school students Huruma HOPE supports.  During one of our breaks he walked down the road with Hellen and met the mom who has multiple health issues and lives off the kindness of friends.

During our meal breaks we were able to re-establish relationships with the young men who have worked here at Huruma for some time.  Many of them came to help because there is nothing for them to do in this slum, they simply live from day to day looking for some kind of hope.  Please pray for these young men and the children of Huruma Preschool.  They need hope! They need Jesus!  You will hear about many of them in the days to come.  When word got out that we were building they showed up to catch the action and help.

image3Finally, after some time the cement arrived and the lumber came shortly after.  We showed Joseph a new way of building than he had used in the past, Tip Up walls were new to him but he jumped in and helped with cutting and nailing.  He especially liked using the power tools which he had never used before.



It should be noted that “lumber” is a loose term for the type of wood we received. Some of the wood was literally round on the end or tapered to a point.  Such is the process in Kenya.

Submitted by Pastor Thom –  Tuesday Morning (Aug. 9)

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