Hospital and Much Prayer

Hospital and Much Prayer
August 10, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Day 4 – August 9 (Picture of Tom from 2013 Team

Yesterday (Tuesday, Aug 9) was a difficult day. We arrived to find that the Fundi, local handyman, had tilted up the wall before we got there.  This made it difficult for us to proceed in squaring the walls correctly but it got done in time.  Just before lunch one of our team, Tommy Baker, was hit on the head by a piece of lumber.  It had fallen while he and others were trying to pass it up to create our ceiling joists.  Although he was not knocked unconscious he was cut quite badly and had to be taken to the Nairobi Hospital for stitches.  All our work stopped as we prayed for him as Pastor Henry drove him to the local clinic and then to the Nairobi hospital.  He was given a CT Scan. The wound was more severe than we thought and surgery was required to close the cut.  It took 40 stitches and was approximately 6 inches long.  We are confident that the Lord protected him and that the injury was not any worse because of the hedge of protection God has around us as we work together to create a place where God is seen in action at the Huruma Preschool in Huruma. Back at the preschool the mood was somber as the day progressed.  More than any other day, language, measurements and different building techniques came into play making it tough to make progress.  This was a tough day and night for us but we are not daunted by the task.  God is with us and He will make a way.

 Isaiah 26:3

You keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you.

Submitted by Pastor Thom Turner


From Julie Baker

Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask for prayer for Tom. He was hit on the head with a board while helping to rebuild the preschool in Huruma. Tom told me it was larger than they thought. The cut was 6″ by 1″ and was to the bone. He was taken to the hospital where they did a scan on his head and neck to see if there was further injury. All was well! He then had the wound cleaned and stitched with 40 stitches. I talked with him right after he was fixed up and he didn’t even sound like he was in the hospital! He was laughing and talking with me about looking like Frankenstein’s monster or having a sweet side part. God is Good! Pray that he doesn’t get any infection and has a speedy recovery. He will hopefully leave the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) and then be on bedrest for the rest of the week. After that he will probably be the photographer for the team and maybe go on home visits…..which he loves. Thank you all for praying.