Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle
August 11, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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August 10 Wednesday – Day 5

Arriving on the site at Huruma Preschool we were greeted once again by the motley little crew of children who wait each day for our arrival.  “How are you?” rings out from Paul as he exits the car.  “I’m fine” is the response in chorus.  Now stop and think about that for just a moment…No one thing could be more real and unreal at the same time.  These children have nothing. Nothing.

What a wonderful feeling to hold a tiny hand and be led through the gate of the compound with others holding the edge of your shirt, or putting their hand on your hip as you walk in a gaggle.  The children want to know your name, “My name is Thom” I say.  “My name is Ivy and I have a song.”  “My name is James and I have a verse” And on it goes.

As we separate ourselves from these little bodies filled with God given potential we see the work sight that yesterday seemed so glum because of the things that got in the way.  All those things seem so far away now.  After a long night in Nairobi traffic and seeing Tommy Baker at Nairobi Hospital and after the lots of mix-ups with our local help at the compound, we were back in the saddle again.  Armed with the desire to help these little ones by creating a better place to grow up and learn we checked our attitudes and set about building a schoolhouse. We were one man down but with the help of God’s strength we accomplished quite a bit today.  For those who know construction, we framed the entire first floor got the joists all in place and paneled one full inside wall.  Tomorrow we will finish paneling and then begin the second story floor and frame.  By God’s true grace we are only slightly off our schedule.

But whose schedule are we on anyway? One of the most precious times of the day was sitting with the team of workers and sharing about the good things that happened during the day and praying together.  God allows these times that we may grow in our love for one another, His “schedule” is far more relational than chronological I think.

This reminds me to ask you for prayer for a few things:

Getting the two story building finished and “useable” before we leave

Building relations with the young men who are helping us

Encouraging the workers of Huruma Preschool

Building relations with leaders in Karura Church

Laughing as often as we can with the children

PS – We got Tommy back today and after a few days of rest at our living quarters he will be back with us at the site as a “armchair supervisor” in charge of the shade.  We are still trying to decide if he got any blood during the surgery to close his wound, if so we wonder, does that make him part Kenyan?

Psalm 16:8

I keep my eyes always on the Lord.

With Him at my right hand

I will not be shaken.

Submitted by Pastor Thom Turner

Hopefully we will have additional pics and better quality photos in a few days.  The Wi-Fi has been down where they are staying which has caused delays – Suzan