Power Tools

Power Tools
August 11, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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August 11 – Day 6 (Thursday)

While working on a building in a foreign country presents some incredible challenges there is not one more frustrating than the inability to recharge batteries for our tools.  Sure there are hand tools available but have you ever had to screw down 300 screws into a plywood floor by hand.  You see the problem. Power is an incredible thing. When used correctly it can be very beneficial, but use it wrong or run out of it and you, my friend, are in serious trouble.  Each day we have struggled with our power tools and their batteries for two reasons.  First, they simply run out.  They can only cut so many boards or drill so many screws and they are done.  Second, we are teaching young men how to use these tools which they have never held before.  Honestly, because they are just learning, they get about one fourth the results.  Consequently the job takes longer.

We as people are not so different.  When we run out of power we need to recharge our batteries.  That is, we need to go back to the source of our power. If that source is ourselves then we are just using a handheld screwdriver and it will take us forever to accomplish the task at hand.  But if we plug into the Lord for our power we not only can do more but the power never seems to run out.  As we work with the young people of Huruma we trust that what we are teaching them is not how to use tools but how to plug into the real power that can change their lives and get them out of the slum they are living in.  We want them to see the power of God in us.  Please pray for our efforts.  Building a school is awesome but changing one life would be a better use of God’s power in us.

Isaiah 40:29

He gives power to the faint,

and to him who has no might

he increases strength.

Submited by Pastor Thom

Another View from Joel Hagner

It was a good day at Huruma. Tommy stayed back at HEART Lodge with instructions to take it easy. We all know that is impossible for him. We came back to find out he got a tour of HEART Lodge and its mission here serving AID’s and HIV positive Kenyans. He got a lot of information on their programs. He also went shopping at the Nakumat. (a large store behind their lodging)

We arrived first in the morning. John, our fundi’s assistant, was second and then the young men started to trickle in and my friend Esther. We started finishing the interior walls and almost had them done by tea time. But we exhausted 5 of my 8 batteries by then. This has been our biggest problem so far is that we didn’t bring enough batteries for our drills. On Wednesday we were completely out by 2:30 and had to quit early. So today we brought our chargers and plugged them in at Helen’s moms place in the village.

After tea we got started on the floor for the second story. Paul had the great idea of using the ropes Suzan sent with us to mark off the edge of the second story by raising a stick at each corner and then stringing the rope around. It wouldn’t stop someone from falling but created awareness to let the young men helping us know when they were getting close to the edge.

Joel-2nd flr Joseph started with the first sheet of plywood up on the second floor and a young man also up there helping him. Both of them standing on the first sheet trying to move it around and drill in the screws to secure it to the floor joist. Joseph has gotten fairly good at using our power equipment but the young men struggle with the drills. I brought about 50 drill tips to use for the week and are down to about 20 at this time because they strip them out trying to run the drill when it’s not lined up properly and don’t know how to make the adjustments to do it properly. As we hear them rounding off the tips we show them again how to do it properly but although they have gotten better it still isn’t perfect. So after handing up the second tip in just a few screws of my few remaining tips up to one of the men, I shimmied up the outside wall and up onto the first sheet to help screw it down. I was moved by the view. Overlooking the village you can see that forest and it’s an amazing sight. (The view to the right of picture below overlooks Huruma to the forest)

Joel-2nd flr-2As more and more sheets got handed up we screwed them down trying to keep up Joseph as he placed them on the joist. Eventually there was enough room a few more young men joined us and the work went fast. Using up the precious battery power we struggled making runs to Helen’s moms’ house to replace used up batteries with freshly charged ones to be able to continue working. We were able to completely put down the floor before lunch time. We even convinced Hellen and the two ladies from KaruraCC, Maggie and Faith, to come up the home made ladder that Thom made for us since the stairs haven’t arrived yet. Our construction day ended with three of the four walls studs nailed in place and 8 exhausted batteries and no time to charge them.

The last two days we have ended the day with a meeting with everyone just sitting in a circle talking about how the day has gone, what they like about the day and what we would like to get accomplished the next day. Then thanking everyone for their hard work and then end with a prayer. Today we also added a song led by teacher Rachel and then a prayer by Pastor Thom. We are going to add a testimony or two in next week as we are led to do so.

See the signing we did on the walls (featured image). It was Thom’s idea. It will be covered up with iron sheets but we will all know it is there. I bought a better pen tonight and we all want to add a few verses tomorrow.  The work is going well and we believe we will be mostly complete before we leave.