Tommy Baker – In His Words

Tommy Baker – In His Words
August 11, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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The team is stronger now for it & we have forged a closer bond with the people we are ministering to.  We now have memories for a life time where we can recall God’s goodness in the face of crisis.  God turns challenges into blessings if we seek him through it & trust him in everything. He has purposes beyond our comprehension but as we faithfully follow Him, all is revealed. Then we can marvel at what he had planned all along.

Tommy1 Tommy3Recovering fine after surgery.  Three layers of stitches totaling 40 over 15cm J shaped from grinding compression laceration. No skull injury but the cut exposed my skull for about 1″wide.

Ambulance ride & 2 hospitals, 30 minute surgery, 30 minute recovery, overnight in the hospital & almost as good as new.

This is what happens when the close end of a 200# cypress green-wood board of 18 foot 2″x6″ held up on the far end fulcrum by the top of the 1st floor wall falls 3 feet on my head during a school construction project in Kenya.  Yeah there were a few others with hands trying to hold it up as we were trying to place both ends on top if opposing walls but the stick we were using as a pole to push it the last foot up slipped off the board. Too fast of a fall to react. God took great care of me & the team. Many covered me in prayer for days.

Good thing I had travel medical insurance.   AMEN!!!

TommyWedSetting the scene for how boards went up… Prior to the accident.

Now there is a catwalk for increased safety & all wear hard hats.