Friday Update – Day 7

Friday Update – Day 7
August 12, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Just some pictures of what has been happening over the past 5 days in the Huruma Pre-School Compound

Friday1 Friday2Construction Progress – First floor framed, 2nd floor down and the start of 2nd floor to be framed.

Happy workers and volunteers.  Notice that they have made a ladder and one guy has a hard hat.




13933334_1671767656478606_619267236_n150 Children fed nutri-porridge each morning before the construction begins. Since the children are out of school the month of August HOPE continues the porridge program.


Scholarship StudentsScholarship Students: Peter, Yvonne, Virginia and Nasibo are HOPE’s first year High School Scholarship recipients. Without scholarships these young people would not be attending school this year.

Tommy’s update. Aug. 12

Jesus is the Lord & always looks after me. Nobody & nothing else deserves the glory.

Nevertheless, I follow him even if his plan would have been to take me home.  Trust & obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust & obey.  … There’s even a song about that.

Jesus is Love. My survival is proof.

Tommy scar Tommy BandageDressing change 3 days after surgery. All healing well & staying clean to date. There was more time with the nurses to share with  them about God’s faithfulness & love. I did not pass up the opportunity.


Thank you for praying. God’s work goes on. … While I rest a few days to enable good healing.


So hard to sit… Out of the active work scene.  But God is opening many conversations with community & church leaders that would not have happened at this accelerated rate or increased quality had this not occurred.

Pastor Henry is the Director of Compassion & Social Justice who we coordinate with at Karura Chael has been by my side this whole time for hospital visits while the team continues construction. While together today for my checkup we met with a local Christian lady, Laura, of Bank of Africa to network regarding how they can help staff & fund medical treatment camps hosted by Karura Chapel in the slums of Huruma & Githogoro.

He, his assistant Maggie, & I discussed ideas about networking local Christian business people together towards enhanced communication and community involvement.

It has been a wonderful day & it has only been 6 hours. What does he have planned for the rest?