Home Visits – Saturday

Home Visits – Saturday
August 13, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Lemi, our cook 9:00 am – On site assessing the work site (it rained last night), taking pictures, talking to the kitchen helpers.

Lemi – the school cook

10:00 am – Real life chats with one of the Pauls about being on the fence about accepting Christ. He hasn’t made the transition from knowing about Christ to turning his life over to him.  David & 2 other boys were there in our huddle listening in & nodding when we discussed Jesus care for each person & his desire to have a healed relationship with them.

In the middle of that, the other Paul arrived to remind me that we still need to have our 1-on-1 chat so he can tell me about his transformation story from 2013 until now.  We had a “chat” with the young men in 2013 to challenge them to be men of God & be leaders.  About 3 months ago in 2016 he stopped drinking & has been working in the forest.

Lucy & Esther sorting screws11:00 am – Sorting screws with the girls while having real life chats about aspirations … Lucy likes History but isn’t sure about teaching, Sylvia wants to be a doctor, Esther a flight attendant.





Noon ..  Village tour with David. .. While missing lunch unintentionally.


Thom Tour - 4 Thom Tour-1 Thom Tour - 5 Thom Tour - 2










1:00 pm or so Hellen & I went on home visits while David took Thom on some.  We each visited 5-6 families.



Jerusa, Beatrice & MaryJerusa Wairimu, grand-daughter Beatrice, & one of Jerusa’s daughters Susan who did not get accepted to a government high school due to 150 points out of 250 possible on the entrance test but would like to apply to New Dawn if she can get funded for $450 USD per year. New Dawn or other private high schools are stated to be 2x the cost of gov’t schools but more tolerant of lower scores. Jerusa has only part time work in the forest clearing bushes. Also living there is a girl named Mary but her mom, Ann Wairimu doesn’t live here.

Ruth Nambura & daughter Sara


Ruth Nambura & daughter Sara

Husband works in the forest like Jerusa & team share and acre cleaning it. Maybe 300-400 ksh/day ($3-$4 day)





Nancy & grandson Mary and young ones







Nancy, grandson peter, nephew richard, cousin Margaret, sister Mary Wanjiku & Mary’s grandson Peter.  Mary & a few of the young ones are staying at Nancy’s 8×8 place because the kids were playing with the fire & it destroyed Mary’s house.  They are praying for some donated wood & tin to reconstruct it.

Joyce Waconyo & Joseph WarunaJoyce Waconyo & husband Joseph Waruna.  He has a growth on his backside & the Karura Chapel medical camp advised itch treatment vs removal, but it is $30/Rx for Cetirizine Hcl & they don’t have the money so he only uses 1 pill when he gets really desperate.


Grace Waijiku


Grace Waijiku, Jacinta’s daughter, takes her test for High School in November. Jacinta is praying for regular work and for daughter Grace who wants to go to High School in February.  Results of test come in Dec. with decisions in Jan. If government school doesn’t accept due to score, New Dawn or others may accept them but costs may be higher. Jacinta has only odd jobs so no consistent employment.

Story submitted by Tommy Baker…..who is not staying at lodge and resting!