More than building a shool

More than building a shool
August 13, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Day 8 – August 13 – Story by Joel

Paul and Thom worked upstairs today finishing the framing work that needed to be done up there. They finished framing out the windows and added the blocking for the ventilation and where the plywood and metal will get attached to the building. I was downstairs working on reinforcing some areas that I felt needed to be redone in a more structurally safe manner. I we had a few junctions of the top plate that support the floor joist as well as the second floor. As well as reinforcing the top plate above the doors of the first floor.

After that I worked on trying to get the “bounce” out of the floor. I think I said this already that the wood here is not what we expected. It is not consistent in its width, height and length. Paul’s idea for the engineered floor joist that we planned on using would have been really difficult to manufacture with the quality of the wood. So we went with Joseph’s idea of just using the 2×6 that we have available to us. As we were adding the flooring Joseph and I were standing on a sheet and I was bouncing up and down and he turned to me and said in his broken English. “Not strong. I fix”. He asked Pastor Mwangi for three more 2×6 to double up in three places to reinforce the floor. I showed him the concept of an engineered beam again and went on my own to help reinforce the floor. I made a sandwich of plywood, wood beam, plywood, wood beam, plywood, and nailed the heck out of it. This has helped a lot. Even Joseph approved when I completed the first one. He came down and told me. “very good very strong”.

Paul and I stayed behind and invited the young men of the village to come and talk to us as we hoped to encourage them. We started by asking them what are some of the struggles and what could we do to help. The common theme was they need work. They need nice clothes to wear when the go to interviews. They need more education. They would be interested in trade schools if it was available. They said that even if they finish up high school there is no guarantee that they would get work. For that guarantee they need further education.

Sat with kidsPaul talked about if you do get work you need to work hard and do your best and it is a reflection of God. I talked about marriage and the importance of staying together even if it is hard. God wants us to be one with our spouse and we are stronger together and better for the children to have both parents. By this time Thom returned and gave the young men the same the same advice he gave his son; Work hard, follow God’s teaching and find a good wife, and when you find her before your marriage look but don’t touch.  We ended with both Thom and I praying. We also encouraged the young men if they want to come talk to us next week we would be willing and open to talk with them one and one.

After the meeting. One young man came up and said that being given a Bible is a great gift but they also need to be taught how to read and understand the Bible. He said many men would be interested in taking a class on how to read and study the bible.

Tommy and Thom’s report on home visits to come.