Paul’s Perspective

Paul’s Perspective
August 14, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Paul-PorridgeTwo items come to mind about Africa. First is helping to feed the children. Here that are laughing, playing, squabbling, and an occasional fight, but they are here for the porridge. They eagerly wait their turn to receive a portion. I had sent the other picture of Esther scrapping the bottom of the pan for that last bit.









The second is friendship. Here are Alex, James, Moses, and Francis. They remembered me from years past and it was such a treat to greet them each day, for they have not missed a day to help. It has been an old man’s joy to teach them how to operate a power drill and even the power saw. We showed them how to measure, to use a speed square to mark cut lines, use a bubble level to make the windows square and level so the windows would open and shut properly. I could only wish to magically transport them to America where they would have an opportunity to grow and learn.

IMG_0832Lastly, the building. The fundi that was selected is used to Kenyan building methods and I think was impressed with our tilt up construction method. It would be interesting to see if he uses it in the future. We built the first floor faster than my planning, the second floor has stalled a bit but will be completed. Our concern for the children (who will be using this building) has caused discussion, but Gods’ plan is working. Praise to Him!

I am blessed to be here.

Your humble servant