The Metal Siding is Here! Finally!

The Metal Siding is Here! Finally!
August 18, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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August 18

Glad that sheet metal arrived after 3pm today.  Anyway it started to go up & should be completed by the fundi (Kenyan foreman) and crew.  Then they will finish the upstairs ceiling, plywood interior, & internal painting.

Thurs.1 Stairs are to show up on Saturday & after installation the security rail can go in.

Glass should be installed on Monday/Tuesday.

PVC tiles may be mid next week.

Electrical timeline??? No idea.



Thurs.3The inside classrooms are now so bright and airy.  Before the rooms were so dark with one small windows and now there are 3 large windows in each room with screened ventilation all around the perimeter of the building.


Everyone is celebrating and excited.  Tommy posted a vide0 on  his Facebok.  I’m sure it could be posted on this blog if I knew how.  Lots of dancing and singing going on today.  Check out Tommy’s Facebook page.







Pastor Thom and Pierce having a quiet moment over a cup of Chai.  Thom & Pierce (2)