August 21, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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August 19 – Day 14

Today was a day of reflection.  We spent much of our time discussing what we could have done better and what needs to be done by future teams. We took some time to go out of the city and up country to relax and decompress.  Jesus did that quite a bit, seeking a place away from it all to pray and to consider His ministry.

Rest1Our journey took us approximately 5 hours over bumpy roads, through crowded parts of the city and we saw a great deal of the countryside.  There is tremendous poverty here.  But I know God loves these people.  We saw building after building that was not finished or poorly started.  We saw street vendors and people living off the kindness of others.  We saw people driving vehicles that would not be legal anywhere else.

Rest2We saw buses, matatus (minivan taxis), motorcycles and people walking everywhere.  We drove on a freeway that was built right through a slum like Huruma, the government just said, “we are bulldozing your home and building a road!” displacing thousands.  That is how Kenya works.  Rest3But as we left the crowded city we had the chance to breathe fresh air, untainted by diesel fumes. We saw another side of Kenya and we rested. Rest is important.  God modeled it and He commanded it.

It is hard to rest when you feel you haven’t really accomplished much, but when you are confident that what you have done will change lives, that it may change the future for some, real true rest, comes easy.

My challenge is simple.  Join us in this!  Dare to do something that will build God’s kingdom, join a mission team to Huruma or a ministry team at home and help change someone’s life, work toward something eternal.  You may have to give up some creature comfort, you may give up vacation time, you may miss a birthday, or an anniversary, you may get injured in the process or just lose your heart to a wonderful child.  But do it, do it quickly. Because you will never find rest like we are experiencing if you don’t.

Matthew 11:29

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart,

and you will find rest for your souls.

Thom Turner


North Albany Community Church