Coming Home!

Coming Home!
August 22, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Today (Monday) about 2:00 pm Oregon time the guys will be taking off from Kenyatta International Airport – Nairobi, Kenya.  They will have a layover in Amsterdam and then arrive in Portland Tuesday around 11:30 am.  I understand that they have requested that their first stop be for lunch at Red Robin!  Apparently, they are yearning for a good old American hamburger.

Please be in prayer for their safe and uneventful trip home with some sleep on the plane.  When they get home they will be “upside down” for awhile with the internal clocks thinking night is day and day is night.  All need to return to work and families and it takes time for adjustment.

Personally, I cannot be more overwhelmed by what these four amazing men accomplished while serving in Huruma.   All along it was not just about building classrooms, but building relationships that would last a life time.  This they accomplished beyond what they had hoped.  Jesus was always about “People First” and these men walked in His steps and demonstrated His love and acceptance for each child, young person, man and woman they encountered.

Asante Sana from all of us.  We are so looking forward to hearing from each one of them in the next few weeks.


P.S.  The following is a note received by Paul Moreland after their last day at Huruma.

When, at the dedication, we were honored and served first, I cried. For me to have so much and be able to come help and they honor me? I am humbled by their love and caring.

As preparation began there was a flurry of activity, sweeping and mopping the floor as we builders were trying to finish the last few details of our work. The metal sheets arrived! Our Fundi was concerned enough to put up one row of sheets, just so we could see how it would look. Marvelous!

God in His love and wisdom has taught us patience and flexibility about how things are accomplished here in Kenya.  I am still learning!