Exciting…with more to come

Exciting…with more to come
August 24, 2016 Suzan Bellis
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Wednesday, 24 August…..The team is safely home arriving at PDX on Tuesday afternoon.

When our team left they put the job of finishing up the siding, roof, stairs and all interior finishing in the hands of Joseph, the fundi, and volunteers.  The above picture shows the progress from the day the team left.  AMAZING!!  Continue to pray that the finishes will be done when the children arrive for their first day back in  September for their 3rd term.   God is so Good!

Thurs.4The day the team left the siding had just arrived that afternoon.  The old siding was put up temporarily because of rain.


14100463_1680441228944582_6072130802832305877_n 14079670_1680441252277913_9099917427286499163_nNow the beautiful blue enameled siding is up.


AND THE ROOF!  Hallelujah!


Waiting for stairs, ramp, interior finishes, etc