A Snowy Sendoff

A Snowy Sendoff
February 27, 2017 Suzan Bellis
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All 7 team members arrived by 8 am at North Albany Comm. Church ready to pack 12 suitcases, 3 totes, 7 full backpacks into a 7 passenger SUV and uncovered Honda pick-up. As the bags were being packed the heavy rain turned to snow. We were happy to know we were heading for 85-degree warmth in Kenya. A group gathered around as Pastor Thom prayed for the group. It was a very good drive to the airport with checking in and security a breeze. We got to play around a little in the Kid’s Play area and take the “official” PDX carpet picture. Can’t leave Oregon without it. It was a good flight on Delta to Amsterdam with one the best landings I’ve ever experienced. Although it’s after midnight in Oregon and all of you are sleeping we are waiting for our next flight to Nairobi in about 2 more hours that will take another 8 hours and then on to HEART Lodge. As you read this you are probably starting your Monday morning and we will be crashing in our beds (Monday midnight) with hopes to sleep before we start at 6:30 am Tuesday morning. Continue to pray for team as they adjust to being upside down with our days and nights and hot summer weather after months of Oregon cold.

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