oscar worthy

oscar worthy
March 1, 2017 Suzan Bellis
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Today was the start of our VBS adventure.  One of our critiques tonight was that we should have a schedule.  Wait, didn’t anyone tell this group that this is Kenya.  What schedule?  We had a plan and it came off perfectly….and no one is going to be able to know if it was the “real plan” or “the one that happened”.  All I know is that we had some very happy kids and teachers were enjoying every minute of it from beginning to end.

Pastor Joseph has joined us to lead the singing, be are skit narrator and lead games.  He is a pastor of a small church that just started near Kibera Slum.  His wife came and helped us with crafts.  He is one amazing guy and the whole team thinks he’s the greatest.  He has heart for kids that explodes with love and excitement.  We are going to clone him and bring him back to Oregon.  He gets the kids singing with such enthusiasm.  You would have all loved our impromptu dance party that had everyone laughing and jumping all over the courtyard.  Watch for future video.

in our “Joseph and Brothers” skit, all it took was Pastor Joseph to narrate with his spin and it just became too much fun and everyone became a ham.  Pastor Daniel needs to consider a side job.

Shelley and Suzan helped the kids paint shirts to represent Josephs coat of many colors.  Of course, many of the kids went home with uniforms of many colors…I may be in trouble.  Arlene and Jessica made ¼ PBJ sandwiches w/fruit snacks and then did coloring pages.  Mike and Daniel exhausted themselves with helping with the very active games.  Kylie was just everywhere!  She was in the kitchen, games, helping with taking pictures, playing games, carrying 5 kids at a time, tossing the soccer ball.  Love the energy and heart of youth

It was a fun, fun day for everyone and we are so looking to a good night’s sleep so we can do it again tomorrow, but this time it will act out “Daniel and the Lion Den”. The kids are going to love Pastor Daniel as the Lion.

For more pictures go to Suzan Bellis Facebook page.  The media load is not working.