The Lion Who Could Not Roar

The Lion Who Could Not Roar
March 3, 2017 Suzan Bellis
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I think the skit we were most excited to perform for the kids was “Daniel in the Lion’s Den”.  Well, our lion (Daniel) woke up sick and couldn’t climb out of bed much less roar.  Before breakfast it was obvious Daniel wasn’t going to make it to Huruma so we quickly revamped the characters and somehow Suzan pulled the Lion part.  Not exactly type casting.  Once we packed up all our supplies and got to the school we found that Pastor Joseph had been called away and could not come and help us.  Second major change to our plan.  Now we truly are practicing our flexibility.  Thankfully, Hellen called a great intern from Karura and he came over to help with the singing and skit narration.  The kids loved our horrible overacting and the Lion was less than furious and sounded more like a sick kitten than a hungry lion.  The kids learned that if we are faithful and obedient to pray He will always be with us. 

The kids made crowns out of Burger King crowns and stick-on gems.  Their snacks were a huge hit.  We them they were going to eat a lion.  The lion face was made from a thin bagel with peanut butter with the kids decorating it with raisin eyes and nose and chow mien noodle mane.  They LOVED them. 

We had extra time to just play with the kids and get ourselves organized.  Well, as organized as you can get working out of totes and making up things as you go along.  Doesn’t make any difference to the kids as long as they get their hugs.

We apologize for the lateness of this post.  There were problems with WiFi .