March 4, 2017 Suzan Bellis
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Let’s just say “if anything could go wrong, it did”.    Our plan for Friday was to have the kids decorate a foam fish frame with their picture inserted.  We took their pictures on Wednesday and had brought a photo printer.  All it needed was to hook it up to the laptop and print out 60 pictures in less than hour.  Yes, like that was going to happen.  Let’s just say even though we started the print process early Thursday night we were still printing out the last picture and assembling the frames at 9:30 am Friday morning as the van was waiting for us.  So we were late.  We were on Huruma HOPE Team time.   Oh, one other small problem.  We had planned to use Gold Fish Crackers for “Jesus Feeds the 5,000” skit, but realized that we had not packed them and they were in a garage in Albany.  That left Rice Krispy squares for the loaves and two large foam fish frames as the fish.  I can laugh about it now, but I’ve seen so many last-minute switches. We looked more like a Laurel and Hardy routine……hope you all remember them.

Although we arrived late the kids were excited and patiently sitting and waiting for us.  They had planned a Graduation performance the Standard One class had performed at their Pre-Unit graduation in November 2016.  It was beautiful.  They did a great job singing songs and doing a little Masaii chant and dance.  Our Administrator Anne is doing a marvelous job with them.   After the Standard One class finished, then Teacher Grace’s Pre-Unit class performed 2 songs.  Let’s just say that they were some tears flowing from some the team.  Those kids really grab your heart.  They are always so excited to show us what they can do and get that extra attention and approval. 

After our usual silly skit with Pastor Joseph telling the Bible Story the kids broke into groups decorating their picture frames, playing games and doing coloring pages.  We finally had our routine done and now our little VBS was over.  Every minute of planning, making it up and craziness was worth everything seeing their eyes light up with giant smiles and always the big hug at any time they could get their arms around you.

It was a tiring week, but a very good week.  We can hardly wait till next week when we take them on an Ecology Excursion to see the animals that they all love.