Teams Preparing for Departures

Teams Preparing for Departures
July 9, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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We have two teams preparing to depart.

Team 1 – VBS Team is headed up by  Erin Brown with Suzan Bellis, Arlene Amick, Cindy Greig and Paul Moreland.

Team 2 – Construction team is headed up by Joel Hagner & Paul Moreland with Mark Ballard, Kylie Bellis and Raelynn Lambert

Please be praying for the teams as they prepare to go to Kenya. Pray for a safe trip.  Pray that all suitcases/totes get through customs without any problem.  Pray that we can all adjust to the time change, weather and food.  Pray that we can demonstrate Jesus’ love for each child.

Team 1 will  leave Portland July 14.  They will be doing a VBS program with the students, visit homes and families and assist teachers in classes. We’ll tell Bible stories with puppets and do crafts, songs and games with special snacks.  We will be taking balls, jump ropes, dolls, games, story books, coloring books, crayons, school and medical supplies and much more.  We have almost 14 suitcases/totes full

When the Construction Team arrives 26 July and they will join team 1 for four days.  We  will  join together to take all the kids for a fun day to the Rosslyn Christian Academy for playing games and a special lunch with ice cream.  When Team 1 leaves, Team 2 will stay on for 1-1/2 weeks to tear down and re-construct the 2nd building with the help of Huruma volunteers.  The new building will contain a new classroom, office/storage area and kitchen.