Tearful Welcome – Karibu!

Tearful Welcome – Karibu!
July 17, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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As we took our first steps into the compound we were greeted with the singing of all the students of the school.  With  huge smiles, stomping feet and chanting they sang a traditional welcome song.  As they sang there wasn’t a dry eye among the team.  We looked at each other and knew instantly “this is what all the months of planning and travel were for…to see their faces and know they love us as much as we love them” We were each presented with a rose and an apple and then escorted to sit and be treated to more singing.  After each child wanting to shake our hands and just be hugged they went off to their classrooms.  Each of us went into a classroom to observe the lesson of the day.  Erin and Cindy actually taught the Pre-Primary 2 class as Teacher Consolata had to go to the funeral.  The Baby Class with Teacher Rachael also left to attend the funeral of a young child and friend.

Each one of us were so impressed with the vast improvement of the student’s abilities to speak English and their academic growth.  Under the leadership of Anne the school  standard has risen to higher levels that we could imagine.  To see one of our little Grade 2 students read a Bible Story book in English was beyond our dreams.  There is so much joy among the staff that it overflows to the children.


We did our first puppet show telling the story of Jesus telling Peter and  Andrew to come follow Him to make them Fisher’s of Men.  Then Erin led the kids in several songs that surprisingly they knew and some they didn’t.  The eatable craft was a BIG hit.  They made graham cracker underwater scene with blue icing, licorice seaweed, gummy shark, goldfish crackers and chocolate pebbles.  Yes, they loved them especially when they took their first lick of the blue icing.  Thankfully, we left the with the teachers to deal with the sugar high we had created.  Although the teachers were enjoying them as much as the kids.

Tomorrow it’s Home Visits!