Anne and Moses

Anne and Moses
July 22, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Administrator Anne has been excited all week to have the team over for lunch at her home. We knew she lived a bit “far” in Karen, but no idea the real distance and time it takes her to get from her home to the school.  WE all loaded into the “Big Boss Bus” thinking we would get to her house in 1-1/2 hours but it was a 2-hour adventure.  Even though it was a Saturday we hit several traffic jams along the way, roads made of boulders, pathways, more rugged dirt roads to finally find her house sitting out in the hills of Karen surrounded by trees.  A very humble home, but full of joy (they live in the bottom unit).  Her husband Moses greeted us and we instantly felt at home.  Anne was literally jumping and down greeting us.  She quickly showed us around her home and went back to cooking a feast.  We all learned the right way to cook rice so it’s not a sticky mess.  Her red sauce for the rice will be one of our favorite recipes for years to come.  One thing you don’t do is say “I like that basket”.  She quickly emptied all the baskets and gave one to each of us.  She is always ready to offer kindness and wants the best for out little children.  She told us she would be with the school till she retires because she loves serving God and serving the school.  It takes her approx. 3 hours each day to travel  back and forth to the school yet she does not complain.  We are blessed to have Anne.

After our 3 hour lunch we went to the university were she and her husband just graduated from this July.  Years of saving money to take a class at time and now they both have their diplomas.  Her husband works as an accountant at the school.  They have a son and daughter in high school and married 19 yrs.

After leaving the university we finally hit an actual good road and then onto the highway.  We were sailing along and then BOOM!  Flat tire!  We had a wonderful driver, George, and he got us safely to the side of the road.  Of course, no spare tire.  He called for another car to come get us and a spare tire.  45 min. later waiting for the rain to start we had the car, but the spare tire did not fit.  A couple of men from the area jumped in to help and took the tire to be fixed as we left George with the Big Boss Bus.

We got home at 6:30 pm (dark in Kenya) and quickly made leftovers only to have the lights go out.  As we sat in total darkness Paul shared the story of David taking the Arc to Jerusalem and the lack of seeking God’s leading and how we go ahead with “our plans” and no seeking God’s plan.

Thank you to each of you who have been praying for this team.  We have seen his leading and His protective hand over us.

Sunday we go to church Peter Wanjiku, our dear friend and then to his house for dinner.  Hopefully we will have some time to prepare for next week that is going to be FULL.