Runda Baptist Church

Runda Baptist Church
July 22, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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We attended church service at the little Runda Independent Baptist Church in the Githogoro Slum right off the North Pass Highway.  It’s the church that Peter Wanjiku and his family attend.  Peter told us that the service starts at 11:00 am but we didn’t to come till 11:30 since church goes to 1:00 pm.

We arrived as everyone was singing and escorted to the front row.  Just what you want to do when you are 30 min. late.  Maybe that would be a good idea to try to get people not to come late.  After the last song we were introduced to the congregation and then asked to share about what we are doing in Huruma.  The people were very sweet and very welcoming.

Erin and Cindy were asked if they would like to go help in the Children’s Sunday School which was a no brainer.

Paul, Arlene and I stayed for the sermon that we thought was going to be preached in Swahili.  Because we were guests the Pastor gave his sermon in English with Peter interpreting in Swahili.  The sermon was on Joshua 24:14-24 and Galatians 6:9 & 10. We were surprised to learn that this little church was a mission church started by a missionary from Michigan.

Meantime Erin and Cindy were asked to teach the Sunday School class.  Surprise!  They led a few songs and then were told that they were studying the story of Esther.  The age span was 4 years old to 12 yrs. so it was a challenge.  The children were so well behaved and hung on every word.  They brought the kids back to the main church for the 2nd song service before closing.

Attending the church in the middle of the slum and hearing the praises and prayer requests was very humbling.  God’s presence was very much felt in this little church with leaking roof, open windows and wobbly plastic chairs, women in kanga cloth shawls with little shy children and men standing tall with heads bent in prayer.   God loves these people and embraces them.