A Sea of Jello

A Sea of Jello
July 24, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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The kids are starting their testing today.  They usually test for one to two hours each day the last week of the term, but since we are here they are doing all their testing in two days which means they are testing for 3 hours Monday and Tuesday.  When we arrived after lunch, you could tell they ready to break lose from sitting still for so long.

The kids quickly got their little chairs and sat in rows ready for the great and final performance of the Fantastic Five Puppet Team.  Our play was Paul’s Shipwreck.  Suzan was the Centurion Julius, Cindy was Paul and Arlene was the Captain of the Ship with Paul being an angel of the Lord…..must be type casting.  They did love it when we squirted them with water during the storm and threw bread crusts, banana peels and eggs shells when the crew had to throw everything overboard.  Let’s just say we will never be asked for a command performance.

While Erin was leading the kids in songs, Suzan, Arlene and Paul quickly assembled the little Jello cups with orange slices & toothpick sails to represent the ship.  The things we do 😊 Still not sure if the kids liked the Jello or not.  Some were not sure they wanted to even taste that blue stuff.  One little guy in the baby class ate his right away and then was grabbing Jello out of the others cups with his hands.  He was covered in blue Jello and was a sticky mess.








We had a short day today which gave us a chance to catch up with getting things prepared for the next few days like sewing up bean bags with rice.  So why are they called “bean bags”.  Thankfully, we finished them just before the power went out AGAIN.  They always say the power will be back on in a “few minutes”.  It’s now been 3 hours and you won’t get this blog till much later……I hope.  One thing we are learning is that nothing is in our control and we just know we have to roll with whatever comes our way.

P.S.  It’s now Tuesday morning and we have power