July 24, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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It’s Tuesday night in Nairobi and Team 2 is now departing for Seattle to begin their long journey traveling to Seattle to depart for Nairobi.  They will arrive here early Thursday morning Kenya time. We are praying for them as they begin their journey and that God will give them safe passage.  They are going to be in for a shock when they are greeted with 65 degree weather with rain.

Since we had late mornings going to the school because of the testing we have been able to spend that time sharing and praying together and discovering the passion each one has for the children of Huruma.  God has laid this ministry on each of our hearts.

It was very quiet when we arrived at the school as the kids were still doing their testing.  Erin and Suzan took advantage of the quiet time and started painting the trunk and limbs of an Acacia tree in the Nursery Class.  The kids will do handprints that will be hung on the tree as leaves.

Pastor Joseph of Langata Chapel came to help Erin, Paul and Cindy do some home visits of three of the Baby Class Family.  Cindy and Teacher Rachael visited Rufus Etemsi’ home with both his mom and dad being at home.  Neither parent is working.  They were humbled by the visit.









Erin and Joseph visited Comfort Baraka’s mom in their home.  She asked for strength and peace because she is very anxious because she is alone raising 4 kids by herself after her husband left after threatening her life.  Her Bible was worn from her reading it over and over.

Paul and Teacher Everlyn visited Lucy Njeri and brother Ian’s mother’s home.  Her husband is working.

While they were visiting Arlene took over the Baby Class which was a challenge.  The children loved it when she played “This little piggy went to the market”.   After Rachael returned Arlene went to the classes to help them make pony bead fish for their backpacks. Suzan was interviewing the teachers and updating the children’s bios.

Wednesday is the going to be fun because we are going to show the kids’ “The Lion King” and a slideshow of pictures of them and eat 13 bags of popcorn. The teachers are more excited than the kids.