A Full Fun Day

A Full Fun Day
July 25, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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We knew it was going to be a full day, but a fun one.  We put together a little slide show of the pictures we took of the kids on Tuesday night and brought “Lion King” for the kids to have a “Day at the Movies” complete with popcorn.  

Paul had brought a portable projector that he connected to the laptop to show pictures and movies.  We thought we had all the bases covered till we got there and realized all the windows had to be covered.  The white plastic tablecloths we brought were too thin and finally had to use the back of two learning charts, so the kids could have a screen.  Don’t buy white cloths from Dollar Tree.

All said and done the kids loved seeing their pictures and would shout out the names of each child.  Lion King was a bit long, but they loved the popcorn.







We had Intermission between the kid’s pic and movie for the porridge and egg break.








After lunch we quickly went to each class room to trace the kid’s handprint on colorful paper, so we could use their hands as leaves on a tree we painted in the main classroom.  Just as we were finishing up cutting out the hands the parents were arriving for the 1:30 Parents Meeting with us.  Mind you, it was now 2:00pm.  By the time everyone trailed into the room it was 2:30 before the meeting started and we were to be picked up by 3:00 pm for another meeting at the Rosslyn School.  Well, we are on Kenya time so were late for our next meeting as is customary.

The Parent’s meeting was a special time of sharing and appreciating each other.  We thought we may have a little controversary with the parents since the school will drop the Baby Class in January 2019 and thought we would get push back from the parents.  Although it may be hard for the moms with younger children we are now following the new Kenyan school requirements that require that children cannot enter Pre-School till they are 4 years old.  The meeting ended with parents in agreement.  Another idea the parents had was to change the name of the school to Hope Huruma School.    Ann asked Mama Comfort to end the meeting in prayer and she led everyone singing “Jehovah Has the Final Say” and then ended in an uplifting prayer that left all of us in tears.  Everyone got together for a big group picture and hugged and introduced themselves and identified their child.  It was such a spirit filled time.   We will sing “Jehovah Has the Final Song” the next time we meet.