July 26, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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We were so excited for the rest of our team to arrive this morning.  As usual, they got caught in the “Jam” or morning commute traffic jam and didn’t get to the house till 10:30am rather than the 9:00am we expected.  Paul had Yum-0 sausage gravy, biscuits and eggs and had breakfast ready for them.

They barely had time to unload their suitcases and eat before we had to head out to the school.  The kids had prepared a special greeting for Team 2.  This was their last day of school for the term, so we had to get there before they were dismissed at 1:30pm.  Before they left we took a group photo with all the kids, teachers and team members, The sad part was the Kylie had gotten strep throat during the long flight and had to go to bed immediately and could not go with the group.  We were able to get some antibiotics at the Chemist before we left so that she could just sleep.

The kids were all ready for the arrival in their native dress and presented each new member with a rose and an apple.  Then they performed a Masai recitation and dance.  We were then invited to join in a dance with the kids.  If you didn’t have a smile on your face and tears coming down your cheeks, then you don’t know the feeling of being loved by children who don’t even know you.

The kids had all made handprints the day before and we put them up on the tree we had painted.  The handprints represent leaves and that we are all part of the same growing tree.

After the kids had lunch and dismissed we quickly started unloading Anne’s office and the Pre-Unit classroom.  They will start dismantling the building on Friday so that they can lay the footings on Saturday.  Team 2 should be able to start construction on Monday.  Tomorrow we get to rest a bit and prepare for the Rosslyn Play Day on Saturday.