Is This America?

Is This America?
July 28, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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“Is this America?”  That was the question asked by a little girl as she was bouncing a ball on the sidewalk at the Rosslyn Academy.  Surrounded by grass, play equipment, sinks to wash hands and toilets it was all so different than their home in Huruma.  The question made us think how we take for granted all the simple things and not even thing of them as luxuries as so many do in the slums and little villages hidden away in our world.  It’s there but we choose not see it. 

We tried to create a carnival experience, but it was the simple things ie: grass, ball, jump ropes, slides, swings, teeter tooters and balloons that won the day.  They did love the Candy wheel where they could spin for a piece of chocolate candy.  Probably not the best choice on a warm day, but they kept lining up with sticky fingers. 






Some were afraid of Joel in his Dragon suit, but others couldn’t stop laughing and running as Joel chased them.

Paul was a big hit with his red nose and balloon hats.  The kids and the teachers LOVED them.  It was fun to just stand back and watch the kids run from one area to the other with giggles and smiles and wonderment.











The lunch was delivered late, but it made it all the more exciting to get their own little box of one piece of fried chicken and French fries (chips).  They also got a bottle of Fanta pop which is really a special treat.  You couldn’t hear a sound as 80 children devoured their little feast.  Some tried to save the leftovers in their backpacks to take home for later.







We must give a big shout out to Jane Loewer, a nurse at Rosslyn.  She was amazing helping us get the facilities and stayed with us all day with the children.

She took Arlene and I to the closest market, so we could buy the kids little ice cream treats.  Talk about almost causing a riot.  They saw those ice creams treats and almost mobbed us.  They licked the little cups clean.


It was a great day for the kids, teachers and the team.  What a wonderful way to end our time with the Huruma kids.  We hope that this will be a memory for them.  It was hard saying our good-byes to each child and hugging each teacher.  We know God has a plan for each of these little lives and He has sent us to show His great love for them.  It’s our HOPE that they felt that love.