The Church Body

The Church Body
July 29, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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What a beautiful and joyful church service at the Nairobi Chapel Langata.  We expected the service to be in a large tent which is common in the area, but it was held in a local public school.  They have a prayer service that starts 20 min. before service and then they go right into worship that is joy filled.  How we love worshiping with our Kenyan brothers and sisters.  There was such a family atmosphere and we felt so welcome.  After the service we were invited to a “Karibu Room” to have drinks, samosas, sausages and muffins.  Pastor Joseph explained the mission of the church and welcomed each one to return.  Pastor Joseph is an example of Christ’s love.

The school is the first public school that has ever allowed a church to meet.  They have been meeting on this site for 3 years.  They pay rent of $830 a month for the use of the building.  This helps the school staff as they often do not get paid by the government and salaries are notoriously late.  The school largely services children from the neighboring Kegigi Slum which has over 40,000 people in it.  The school has 600 children from grade 1 thru grade 8.  It’s a challenge as many of the children have little parent involvement in their lives.  The Langata Church has started a mentoring program for 7th and 8th grade and have already seen the grade scores rise because of the relationships they are building with the kids.  They also have a prison ministry.  The largest women’s prison is very close by so they have groups that go and do a church service and counsel the women.

We were impressed with the “Plug-in” program for all who come to the church to get them involved.  They take a 10-week course for 45 min. each Sunday, get involved in a home group and then encouraged to use their gifts to go out and serve the community and church.

As I write this Erin, Cindy, Arlene and I will be leaving for the airport in an hour (7:00 pm) to board our first leg of our flight at 11:20 pm.  Home and in our own beds by Monday, 30 July.  Paul and Kylie will take over putting out the blog.  Please be in prayer for Team 2 as they will have 9 long working days constructing the new building.  Right now it is pouring so we pray that they will have good weather for construction.