Porridge and Cement

Porridge and Cement
July 31, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Monday’s blog is coming in late today because Team 1 just arrived back in Albany.  The pictures are coming in from Kylie Bellis and Paul Moreland.  They will be supplying the pics and stories for the remainder of their stay and work on the newly named HOPE Huruma School.

Kylie and Raelynn helped with the serving the morning porridge.  Even though the school kitchen has been torn down and building materials have filled the courtyard the children will still receive their morning porridge as provided by Huruma HOPE.





































Paul:  Well there was a surprise when we arrived at Huruma Hope School. The old building and kitchen were gone!. It their place was a large pile of rubble and red dirt. The trenches were dug for the footings!

There was a very large pile of bricks and a huge pile of sand and gravel. it was a learning experience for us to see how the mix concrete. First pile 15 wheelbarrow loads of sand, then 20 wheelbarrow loads of gravel, mix in five bags of cement and then watch these young men mix it with just shovels. Once mixed well its add water and then the bucket brigade. It soon developed into a well functioning team passing buckets of concrete to the needed area.

This was all the result of prayer before we started our work. Praying “for harmony and the desire to work together” and then see the readily formed lines to move buckets of concrete, large building stones, and rubble that needed to be cleared. The line might start with two or three, then there were four, then five, making the job easier, with smiles from everyone.

It was interesting to see them use an Arce Medes level to keep things level. That is a clear tube filled with water, since water seeks its own level, it works for Kenya.

It was a nice surprise to see Esther show up and help in the kitchen. After lunch we had a rain shower that slowed us up for over an hour but were able to complete the first course of the stonework.