Tuesday Construction

Tuesday Construction
July 31, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Just received five pictures from Paul.  The one above is “Days End”.  I’m amazed at their progress.  Footings in and ready to construct.

The Four Big Guys discussing what to do next.  The man on the far right is James Kanyi, he is the project manager, transport driver and all around “do anything” guy.


Days End.  Picture taken from second floor of existing classroom building.  You can see the school is surrounded by tin shacks that have completely encroached the school.




Raelynn and Kylie making mud.



Paul, Joel and Peter meeting with two of High School Student Scholars who have volunteered to help.  The man next to Peter (yellow shirt) is a local volunteer



Tea Time.  The equivalent of “coffee break” except you have hot chai and buttered bread.


Please be in prayer for Joel Hagner.  His father was placed in hospice care right after he arrived in Nairobi.  They have removed all medication and only receiving morphine for pain.  His father is a strong Christian.  Joel and his father are very close.  He is asking for peace and comfort for his dad, mother and family.

From Kylie:

We’re making food in one of the classrooms.. they kicked Rae and I out ‘cause we’re too slow 🙁 haha we tried 🙂  Cooks are Rose and Margret.









It is so Smokey in there with the two cooking contraptions and the fire going.

Suzan Comment:

I can’t believe they have actually built an open fire INSIDE the Pre-Primary 1 classroom.  Glad they kicked the girls out.  No one should be breathing that smoke.