Wednesday Construction

Wednesday Construction
August 1, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Raelyn with children. She was giving piggy-back rides to them. What a smile.



Kylie swinging a sledgehammer. She was really getting into it.




the gang throwing rocks and not getting in trouble




James and Robert This how they break up rocks in Kenya



Chai Time Robert, James, John, Godfrey, Patrick, and Robert workers from village


Rae and others moving lumber







the lumber arrives









Days End






Kylie’s Pictures and Comments:  Tabitha and Joseph meet us each morning at the gate.  The kids run to greet us.































We’ve got some on site helpers throughout the day. 🙂

The girls are dusting off the saw dust of Joel. These are the cooks kids, Kaleen and Esther (Kaleen belongs to Rose and Esther belongs to Margret) and then Jasmine of course. She’s Tr. Rachael’s daughter

They provide a lot of entertainment for us while we work with the dancing, singing, and teasing. Also quite the distraction haha




Three tired Amigos






These two go everywhere together – Kayleen & Esther.  They are only 2 years old.







After a long day at work we tried to teach Peter how to play 31.  He struggled at first, but finally got it.