Prayer and Hardhats

Prayer and Hardhats
August 3, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Each day we start with a short devotional at work with a bible verse. Today James  led with a very good one. Teamwork is always emphasized and today it was evident at the start.

We got started putting up the joist for the second floor and bingo we were flying (Teamwork in the air and on the ground)  I reminded everyone that since there were things above their heads hardhats were required. Thanks to Paul’s son’s company we had some great PDR hardhats to wear!

placing the flooring for the second floor –





We find “that if it doesn’t fit bend it a little and put a spacer in there!Kylie was helping in the air, here walking along on of the joists. Good balance!





Days end for the our crew. we work half day tomorrow, no lunch but will have tea. I mean it is Kenya, right?

Rae was keeping the children at a safe distance by giving ‘felt tip’ tattoos.