Tea Time – It’s Kenya!

Tea Time – It’s Kenya!
August 4, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Joel and Mark using screws to fasten down the floor



Paul teaching John, Martin, Sam and Kush how the saw works.


The kitchen is no more.  Paul with sledge hammer breaking down old kitchen floor.  The new kitchen goes into the bottom floor.

James, Rae and John working on the second floor.








Conference on the second floor.  They do have a great view.




Joel instructs the men to “cut here” for the stairs to the second building.



Ready for the first wall.





The power was out so bring on the hand saw.



Up, up and away with the cut boards for second floor walls.



Joel using the stairs rather than the ladder.

He knows how to be safe. 🙂


Almost done with second floor.

Time to call a halt for the weekend.