HOPE Huruma School rising up

HOPE Huruma School rising up
August 6, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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On 26 July there was a meeting with the HNS School Board.  The had registered the school with the government and the official name is now
“HOPE Huruma School”.  Starting 2019 the school will enroll 4 yr. olds intothe new Pre-Primary Class with classes going up through Grade 3.  The school can now have classes through Grade 5.  God is Good!

Amazing progress on the building continues Monday with siding and windows being installed.  The group takes a break to visit some families within the village.


Proud bunch of laborers.  Notice girls don’t have on their hardhats.




Rae painting windows





Kylie joins in painting


First window installed.

Kylie helps nail.  Note the ladder she is standing on .









Mark and Joel start on the back side of building.





Paul teaching Kylie “this is how you do it”





Siding on front bottom finished






Welders just crawled up and start welding.





The front goes slow due to door and windows.  James and Paul work together.

















Work Shoes.













Taking the long walk down the gutted main road to the Kurura river where the women wash their clothes.  Then climbing up the backside of the hill to visit families of the children.  Always a welcome.  Must wash hands before taking tea.  It’s always humbling visiting the homes of our kids.  They climb those hills every day to go to school.  God loves these precious families.