The School Shining from the Hilltop

The School Shining from the Hilltop
August 7, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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Today, Tuesday, was the team’s last full day with lots going on with siding, trusses and windows.  The teamwork was at its it’s best and everyone was busy.   Will start with Kylie’s pics of the day:

Trusses for the roof going up.







John (left) and James nailing in the trusses.





Sam leaning out to put the siding on the back wall




Took Chai break to an all new level.








It says “Joel was Here”, but where is he?  That’s Mark looking for him 🙂















Mark learning to cut metal with a machete.

Now for the day through the lens of Paul:

Getting ready to raise the roof.






Please don’t show this picture to OSHA.





Joel taking a break.  Little Kaleen has a way of winning hearts.





The last window installed




Always time for a Chai break





The last lunch of Ugali, sukimi wiki and beans.









Many things all at once.  Siding






Trusses and Stairs.

The old stairs will be replaced with these new better and safer stairs and will make for better passage from each building and floor.

Paul running the saw because it was on the ground and close to the wood pile.  A view over the kitchen.  It is now framed to vent and drain, lots of craftwork.  The cooks are going to love to have their own kitchen.

Last look of the day.  Tomorrow will be a half day, final pictures and goodbyes for our many friends new and old.  Will be a hard day for each one.