Last Day

Last Day
August 8, 2018 Suzan Bellis
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As this last post is about to be published, Team 2 is about to depart for the airport for their long journey home.  Once they board the plane it will depart at midnight Wed. Kenya time (2 pm Tuesday PST).  It will take them 28 hours to reach Albany.  This team has put their heart and soul into constructing this addition to the school.  They each used their talents to serve God by building this little school so that the children of Huruma have place to learn and a future of HOPE in Christ.

Pictured above is the faithful crew:  James, Eric, Joel, David, Alex, Sam, Martin, Kush, Mark, John, David, Paul, Kylie, Bernard, Rae, John, James.  Missing are Patrick, Godfrey, Robert and Peter’

The team gave away all the tools they brought to this hardworking crew.   They will continue to complete the exterior and have interior ready for school to start in Sept.





One of the village elders came to help us dedicate the new building.  Joel is announcing the dedication.








Joyous hands for the love of Children and the Glory of God





Joel and Alex.  Alex is one of our graduates who went through trade school on scholarship.  He is working and very happy.




James Kanyi (the project manager) and Joel testing the new stairs that will carry the children up to their new classrooms.



Celebrating Esther’s birthday.  Esther is one of our  high school scholars.  She is in her 2nd year of high school.

Suzan Comment: “I remember the first time I met Esther she was in Standard 3.  We were cleaning out the classrooms and Esther came to help.  Her first words to me were; “Teach me”.  She made such an impression on all of us because we could tell she was hungry to learn and help others.  She still continues to come and help at the school.  God has a plan for this young lady’s life and I can hardly wait to see her accomplish His plan.”

The last but hardest picture.  Paul walking away  having to say “good-bye”,  but with joyful heart knowing it was a job “well done good and faithful servant”