Thanksgiving Team Ready to Leave

Thanksgiving Team Ready to Leave
November 4, 2019 Suzan Bellis
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Shown left to right:  Nick Ochse, Suzan Bellis, Lorraine Cook, Arlene Amick, Wei Wang and Taylor Bellis

Our Thanksgiving Team has packed 13 suitcases full of items to distribute to the school, students and staff.  Over this year we have collected much needed school supplies including library books for classrooms and VBS donated funds to purchase vitamins, socks, underwear along with a T-shirt and card crafted for each child.

Please be in prayer for the team as they each pack up their personal carry-on and prepare for 16 days in Nairobi.  This will be the first time for 3 of our team to go to Huruma.  Taylor was there when she was just 17 yrs. old nine years ago.   The changes she will see.

Pray for each team member to have safe travels, stay healthy, adjust to the 11 hour time change.  Sleep is one of the biggest issues for most.  Most importantly, that the team will continue to build a bond which began 6 months ago and that in all things we will look to the need of others first and remember our focus is “to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, soul and mind and to love others as ourselves”.  If we keep that as our banner then we will be ministering with His hands, feet, actions and words.