First Day

First Day
November 12, 2019 Suzan Bellis
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We arrived after Monday midnight (Kenya time) at our destination at HEART Lodge.  Most of us had been up for 32 hours since Saturday morning not counting trying to sleep on the airplane that doesn’t really happen.

Everyone took a quick hot shower before going to bed which was about 1:30 am and then up at 7:00 am to go down for breakfast at 8:00am.  The people here at HEART Lodge are the most amazing and loving people and treat you like they have known you all their lives.

After breakfast we got out our 13 check-in bags and started sorting all the goodies that we crammed into them.  VBS shirts and cards, crayons, library books, balls, markers, pencils, dresses, socks, underwear, VBS crafts and snacks, the list goes on and on.   After emptying all the suitcases, we then filled up 5 again with school supplies, games and books, another 3 suitcases with totes filled with a dress/shorts, underwear, socks and Christmas card for every child.  Then another suitcase with snacks and crafts.  The staff is excited about getting our empty suitcases for personal use.  We all go home with just one suitcase rather than the 2 we each brought.

We took a little “Tea Break” only to find out that the staff was celebrating Joaash’s birthday.  What a wonderful gentle loving man he is.  He was the one that greeted us at midnight and got all our bags up the stairs and made sure we were settled in and then up early to greet us again only to find out it was his birthday.  The cake was made by a mom from the Kibera Slum who is trying to start a bakery business

After sorting and filling 85 Christmas totes, we  thought we would take a little walk up to the new little shopping center to go to the Pharmacy.  After standing on the side of the 4 lane road for 10 min. wondering if we should attempt running across in front of the constant traffic, we decided our lives were worth more and gave up the suicidal idea.

We got back just in time for thunder, lightning and torrential rain.  It is soaking everything.  We keep wondering what it will be like tomorrow when we go for our first day to the school for the Graduation ceremony.  We have to dress up and should be a challenge slipping down those rain socked muddy narrow road in our skirts and athletic shoes.  This will be the first trip for 3 of our team members tomorrow and taking part in the Pre-Primary 2 Graduation will be a special event for everyone.   Looking forward to reporting Wednesday with you on Thursday morning.   Remember we are 11 hours ahead of Oregon.