Hip Hip Hippopotamus

Hip Hip Hippopotamus
November 15, 2019 Suzan Bellis
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Today was our first day of VBS.  The kids all came in their everyday clothing because they are not allowed to come to the school in their uniforms because they are officially on holiday.  We got special permission to have VBS since the Kenyan Education System now has all school taking a 2-month break and all schools closed.  We will continue VBS into next week for 3 days.

The kids came at 9:00 am for porridge before we began.  We were so thrilled that Pastor Joseph met us at the school to do the Music.  He is so great with the kids and there isn’t one person on the team that can “carry a note in a bucket”.

Joseph got them singing and dancing and praying. 

Then came in Fiona, the big blue Hippo aka Arlene.  The kids howled at the site of her in the oversized blue onsie made to look like a Hippo.  She taught them the “Hip Hip Hippopotamus” song and announced that Hippos don’t sing on key.  The kids all loved stomping around and acting like a hippo.  Fiona then read the story “Fiona at Christmas”.  A fun story of a baby hippo in the zoo experiencing Christmas and discovering the meaning of Christmas.  Fiona aka Arlene did a fabulous job keeping the kids on the edge of their concrete steps to hear every word.






We then divided the children in 3 groups for activities.  Arlene and Lorraine took the first group to have snacks.  They mixed up a huge batch of cereal, pretzel, mini marshmallows, craisins and M&M’s and had each kid put them into a  snack bag.  They had not experienced a treat like this and ate every little morsel. 

Wei and Nick did games outside and they were completely worn out at the end of the 1-1/2 hours of play.  Suzan and Taylor helped the kids make Nativity ornaments.  They absolutely love to color so coloring the little nativity scene kept they so quiet as they concentrated on each color.  Love their love of bright colors.  Each brought up their finished masterpiece for approval with huge smiles.







It was a great day that ended with a lunch of beans and rice for everyone.  The team was so worn out that they stopped and got cold sodas and took a break to relax and recover.  After days of rain, today was bright sun and in mid high 70’s.  We were thankful for the day, but we were all worn out from the kids and the sun.






Pastor Joseph, Arlene, Nick and Wei