Flex Ability

Flex Ability
November 18, 2019 Suzan Bellis
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When we do our team training one of the major things we discuss is “Flexibility”.  You can plan all day long but there is ALWAYS the possibility that something will change that plan.  Well, today was an exercise in Flexibility.

We were doing the story of the Paralytic Man and planned on Pastor Joseph to play Jesus.  Well, somehow, we did not communicate, and he did not come.  Quick!  Arlene do you want to be Jesus.  I’m sure this is the first time that a woman with red hair has played the part of Jesus.   And since Pastor Joseph was not here, we had to change up the music time to Ann and the teachers leading the kids.  So far, the kids have no clue what we are in total Flex mode.

Our little play went well with Taylor being the Paralytic Man and his friends being Wei, Lorraine, Nick, and Teacher Robert (who stepped in for Arlene aka Jesus).  We are discovering that both Taylor and Wei have good acting abilities and the kids loved our little skit.

We divided the children into 3 groups and sent then off to Crafts which was making paper Tambourines, Snacks making lion faces on bread and peanut butter and Games with Wei and Nick.  Nick got the great job (in the sun) of playing freeze tag and Jesus Says, better known as Simon Says.  Wei took the cool little room and played alphabet Bingo and made lots of friends using small candies as the token.







The 2nd group went to the Snack room to make Lion Faces.  They have quite an imagination as to what lions look like or it just didn’t make sense that Lions have craisins for eyes and noses and chow Mein noodles for a mane.  But they enjoyed eating them 😊


The 3rd group went to the “What were we thinking making tambourines” craft room.  I don’t think my fingers will be the same after tying 400 ribbons with bells attached to ½ round paper plates while filling them with beads and stapling them shut.  The LOVED them.  Every kid loves making as much music as they can.  I think Taylor and I will be hearing those tambourines in our sleep.







After three rotations we were all exhausted and barely able to climb the stairs to Ann’s office for lunch.  After lunch Anne had requested that the new Pre-Primary 1 students come so that we could take their pictures.  You would think taking pictures of 14 little kids would be simple.  No, I was too scary with my white hair, and they didn’t want to smile and took a lot of tickling to get one good picture out of 10 taken.   These little Pre-Primary students will start school in January 2020.  They are all available to support so let others know that they can support one of these little ones after we get back.

While I was doing pictures Lorraine, Wei, Nick and Taylor went out on a home visit, but did not find one of the parents at home and were only able to visit with one mom.  They will attempt to do more visits tomorrow.


All in all, it was a good day, but very wearing on all of us.  Wei and Nick are laying on their beds napping, and Lorraine and Arlene are frantically making Rice Krispie Treats for tomorrow before we leave to go to Head Teacher Anne’s house for dinner tonight.  One thing for sure, we are not lacking for food.

We are amazed at how well behaved the children are in groups and so patient as they wait for the next activity.  They love Nick, Wei and T aylor and we are finding that Wei has a way with the kids.  They love his hair.