Asante Sana

Asante Sana
November 19, 2019 Suzan Bellis
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Lord, Thank You for this day.  We are definitely into the African time mode.  We were a half hour late to the school today, but we decided that it was OK.  Hakuna Matata.  Why half hour late?  Well, Nick and Wei decided that the kids needed ice cream.  They ordered it on Monday to pick up on our way to the school Tuesday morning.  Let’s just say that because someone says, “it will be ready”, does not mean it will be ready.  So, we hung out waiting for them to get it ready.   It was well worth the wait.  To see those kids with chocolate covered ice cream bars is a sight to behold.  They loved them and were licking the ice cream from every finger as it melted quickly in the sun.  Some wanted to make it last, but not a good idea because it just slithers down the arms on onto the warm pavestones.










After washing hands and faces it was time for Pastor Joseph to get the kids back to reality with some songs.  We were told that we had to not make lots of noise because the older kids were being tested in a nearby school.  How do you keep kids hyped up on ice cream not to sing loud? 





We did a little skit of Zacchaeus and Taylor was the “wee little man” and Joseph played Jesus.  Arlene was demoted to playing the voice in the crowd who didn’t like Zacchaeus.  I don’t think we will be taking our acting troupe on the road.







The kids were again divided into 3 groups.  One off to the Craft room to make the “Asante Sana” sign that you see in the top picture, the 2nd group to make Rice Krispy Christmas tree snacks, and the last group to do puzzles and play outdoor games.

Again, the kids loved anything to do with coloring so they really got into coloring the banner. As they colored Taylor and I had each kid put on one the handprint shirts that each NACC VBS kid made last June.  They loved receiving the cards from each NACC kid with their pictures.  I read some of the cards to them and you could see they were excited to get their own card made out to them personally.








In the Snack Room next  to us Arlene and Lorraine were frantically cutting out Christmas tree shaped Rice Krispies so that the children could frost them with green frosting and sprinkle with little candies.  After all that ice cream and now Rice Krispies they were sent outside to play 😊

Poor Wei and Nick!  Sugared up kids ready to PLAY.  Things got a bit out of hand, literally!  While playing tug rope with nylon rope (not a good idea), Nick got his hand wrapped around the rope and ended up with one swollen black and blue hand.  Wei and Pastor Joseph took him to a nearby hospital to check it out to make sure nothing got broken.  He is OK and all is fine.

After all the crafts, snacks and games were done all the kids came out in their yellow NACC VBS shirts to have their picture taken with their Asante Sana (Thank You) banner for all the kids back at North Albany Community Church.

Not only have we seen a vast improvement each year in the kid’s behavior and progress in their English, but there seems to be a contentment in them that tells me they are happy and feeling good about themselves.  Even the older boys come up and hug on me which they would not do a few years ago.  They know we truly love them.  God is so good, and we can only thank Him for allowing us to be here with them at this time in this place.