“We Love You Our Sponsors”

“We Love You Our Sponsors”
April 12, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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Teams have not been able to travel to Kenya through 2020 and 2021 because of covid restrictions.  But now three of our HOPE Board members (Suzan, Joel and Joy) are now in Nairobi, Kenya surveying the new construction and supporting the staff as they prepare for the new school year to begin April 26, 2022.

It was good to be able to again step into the school compound.  For all three of us it was shock to see the new Grade 6 and Teacher’s Workroom almost complete.  This little school started out as 3 classrooms in two tin buildings and now it has 8 classrooms, a kitchen, and workrooms in a U-shaped 2-story complex.  All the new construction was done by local Huruma laborers – but more about that in a few days. 





All the children patiently waited for us to show-up dressed in their uniforms in the heat so that they could greet us with songs and dance.  The gate was opened, and we were greeted by the two School Leaders, Martin Nduati and Flavian Agiza.  Anne and a small group presented each of us with Kenyan gifts of Welcome.  In Kenya the man is to be presented first so Joel was dressed in a Maasai cloth, leather beaded belt and given a cane with animal paintings to designate him as an “Elder” of the school.  He also received a Maasai beaded necklace for his wife. Joy and Suzan also received a Maasai necklace.   We were then able to meet all the teachers, four of which, are new to the school since our last visit.  We visited the classrooms and each class quickly stood to greet us and proudly show off their work.  The pre-primary 1 class (Teacher Rachael) were making letters with clay and spelling out a thank you note to all their sponsors.  “We Love You Our Spo….”  was in the process of being finished.

Looking forward to returning  tomorrow to sit down with each teacher and going over each students updated profiles.