Graduation Pre-Primary 2 Style – Part 1

Graduation Pre-Primary 2 Style – Part 1
April 14, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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The program was to start at 10am, but actually kind of started at 10:50.  Anne says you have to allow for “jam” time which means sometimes things happen to keep you from getting there on time especially if you have to round up little ones and babies.

The Graduation Program started with introductions of everyone including the “special guests from Oregon.  Then the real program started with the Pre-Primary 2 Class marching in wearing little Masai cloth collars with beads in the hair and around their ears.  We were blown away by their poise and abilities. They sang songs in Kiswahili and recited a poem and recited memory verses.  Each age group followed to present their part of the program.  That will be reported in Part 2.


After each class did their presentations, the Pre-Primary 2 Class returned in their cap and gowns to the loud applause of all parents, guests, and teachers.  Suzan and Joy were assigned the honor of presenting the diplomas to each of the students.  Joel was the official photographer and took pictures of each graduate with their parent.  Then came the exciting part of cutting the very large cake that Anne had made, with a very large knife.  Each graduate and parent were first in line to receive cake and sodas.  Then the cake was cut into small pieces and like the feeding of the 5,000 with two fish and five loaves we were able to give EVERYONE a piece of cake and soda.






Next school year (starting April 26) these accomplished Pre-Schoolers will enter Miss Lucy’s First Grade Class.